Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wayne&Wax "We Use So Many Snares" Critical Review

In "we use so many snares," wayne discusses various methods for producing reggaeton, the rise in fans of the music producing their own reggaeton beats, and the 3+3+2 syncopation that's played on the snare (the snare being any one of hundreds of snare sounds).  Fans, and even some bigger producers alike, are using a software programs called FruityLoops to produce these rhythms and beats, and because the software is so easy to use, it's making it easier for more and more so called amateur producers to make good reggaeton beats.  Reggaeton has been spreading around the world from its contested roots (puerto rico or panama), and it's becoming more and more a popular form of music for all kinds of people.  One thing that Wayne makes sure to point out a few times is that reggaeton is internet/digital music par excellence and this fact could be the reason why reggaeton is starting to spread throughout the world.

Question:  Do you think as many fans of other music genres attempt to recreate/make their own rhythms/beats as those of reggaeton do, or do you think it is more accessible and easily done for fans of reggaeton because the syncopation is more standardized?

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